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79026 m. Lviv, vul. Volodymyra Velykoho, 2, BTS Vilna Ukrayina, pov. 1

Post address:

79068 m. Lviv, vul. Lniana, 9/15

Phone number:

+38 (067) 6791230
+38 (067) 3712060
+38 (067) 5364116

Contact person :

Olynskyy Rostislav Zenoviyovych


Olynskyy Rostislav Zenoviyovych - direktor


Tihonchuk Olena Mikolayivna

Working hours

Mon: 09.00 - 18.00

Tue: 09.00 - 18.00

Wed: 09.00 - 18.00

Th: 09.00 - 18.00

Fri: 09.00 - 18.00


Registration number: 33358896

Bank: PAT "KREDOBank"

BIC code: 325365

Transactional account: 2600801589193

Information :

Year of foundation: 2005

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About the company

Our company is a certified contractor for manufacturers of these materials.


- Ventilated roof Opera Passage (600.0 sq. m. Thermal insulation min. wool insulation and waterproofing euroruberoid).
- Terraces and roof Rixos 5 * Carpathian (pvc membrane 2600.0 sq. m. of green roofs, roofing EUR 300.0 sq. m. waterproofing basements depth 6m.).
- Lviv Jewelry Factory (8 000.0 sq. m. thermal insulation and waterproofing flat roofs).
- Webasto Electronics (1 500,00 sq. m. waterproofing flat roofs).
- Prime Logistics (7 000,00 sq. m. waterproofing and insulation of flat roofs of factories in Lviv and Brovary).
- Farms Ular (25,000 sq. m. waterproofing, floor flat roofs, Lviv region).
- Shops Second Hand Planet (repair waterproofing roofs with sandwich panels euro roofing material and PVC membrane roofing ballast 9000.00 sq. m.) And Lviv region).
- TC Prometheus, Drohobych (tightening device, insulation and waterproofing euro ruberoid 1500 00m.kv).
- Market shopping center on the str. Orlyk, Drohobych (min wool insulation, waterproofing roofing material roofing EUR 1200.00 sq. m., waterproofing drainage channels self-adhesive roofing material EUR 400,00 sq. m.).
- Lviv Brewery (500,00 sq. m. pvc membrane).
- Waterproofing of foundations euro roofing material with insulation and drained with a private house in Rudny, Solonka, Zubritskaya Apiaries.
- Repair by injection waterproofing foundations (private customers).
- Waterproofing tanks Apple gift of town. (500.00 sq. m. - pvc membrane).
- Repair of the roofs for the chain stores periwinkle (in western Ukraine).
- Waterproofing of parking (the market Pivdennyi) - 4000 sq. m. completed (pvc membrane Mapeplan Protection 1.5mm).
- Waterproofing terraces Sataniv Resort Sanatorium Arden Palace 5 * - Installation of PVC membrane Mapeplan Protection 1.5mm - 400,00 sq. m., Assembly English decking - 150,00 sq. m.
- Terrace Holding emotions! Fest in Lviv.
- Repair of the roofs of Lviv cold storage facility - 2000 sq. m.
- Waterproofing of roofs parking for TCE Pivdenny, in vol. h. a tennis court, football field (more than 10 000,00 sq. m.).


The list of works that are performed:

- repair of flat roofs and apparatus (eur roofing, pvc and tpo membranes);
- cutting off moisture by capillary injection;
- waterproofing basements (roll, penetrating);
- waterproofing terraces, tanks, basements;
- ballast roof;
- exploited and inversion roofing;
- device terraced systems.

The company participates in the development of nodes to create a project and reconstruction of existing facilities.

Trade marks

PP IZO-TEH oficiyniy predstavnik providnih vitchiznyanih ta svitovih virobnikiv fasadnih, terasnih, gidroizolyaciynih ta zelenih sistem: TM TardeX, Holzdorf, Polymer & Wood, Zagu, RenWood, Legro, Mirradex, Bruggan (materiali DPK); TM Ruvitex, Polyglass, Promizol (bitumni materiali, PVH, TPO); TM WGW & roofs (sistemi ozelenennya, stabilizovaniy moh).